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The following are testimonials from clients who have worked with haykeens psychology. Their confidentiality, which I honor to the highest degree, is protected.

Haykeens Psychology!


The following are testimonials from clients who have worked with haykeens psychology. Their confidentiality, which I honor to the highest degree, is protected.
  • It normally takes me a while to trust people and open up. However, even in my first session with Haykeens Psychology, I found myself discussing things with a comfort level of long-time, trusted friends. I also appreciate his genuine and caring nature, which makes all the difference in a therapy experience. He spent as much time as was needed with me to talk through my concerns and to explain the options available to me. I highly recommend Haykeens Psychology services and thank him for helping me to move forward.
  • The work Haykeens Psychology and I embarked on many years ago started with a single goal, to help me define myself as my own person. Haykeens Psychology has helped me accomplish this goal and remains the beacon of reason, understanding, and personal accountability in my life. We have continued our work together shifting focus as my life unfolds.
    Mark Simonsen, Sport Director
After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I worked with Haykeens Psychology, who understood my problems associated with cancer and the risk of death. Of course many of my issues were related to other aspects of my life, namely, my childhood and the death of my sister from breast cancer. Haykeens Psychology helped me work through these in a very gentle, loving and spiritual way. I only worked with him for less than a year, but the results continue to manifest.
Whenever the path in my life is unclear or I am doubting myself, Haykeens Psychology has a way of cutting through the clutter and helping me find the most honest and true path to take. I always leave feeling like I got what I needed and know how to proceed. I find great peace in our relationship and will continue to use him as a guide.


“Haykeens Psychology has a way of changing my perspective so that life's possibilities open up tremendously when I work with him. Many times we've done some work and I walk out onto the street with a new bounce in my step, happier and stronger, and ready to take on a larger, more meaningful, life picture. He's guided me through personal growth, relationship, and career transformations with her intelligence, grace and strength. Thank you Haykeens Psychology!!!

Gbenga Adeoye

“Haykeens Psychology offers a level of safety and kindness that is hard to find these days. With him I found the courage to work the dark corners of my life, areas that had been holding me back for years. I have come out the other side feeling the richness of my life and a deeper confidence at my core.


Seyi Adetona

“Haykeens Psychology, with his kind and caring way, has helped me get through more than one of life's transitions. I've laughed and cried in my time with him and in the end came to a peaceful and resolved place inside. I'm sure other challenges will come up for me, since that is the way of life, and I'll again turn to Haykeens Psychology for her help.